Why cases of early puberty is increasing?

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Now a days early puberty is seen among many childrens. Early puberty means the changes in the body which must occur at the age of 12-13, are taking place at the age of 8-9 years. It is equally seen in boys and girls both.

This is really very stressful for parents and childrens both. Because childrens face changes in the body in very early age. At the time in which they are not yet ready for it.
Puberty changes that we see are acne causing, changes in body odor, breast development in girls and vaginal discharge, public hair growth, hair growth on face etc.

The right age of puberty in India is 12-13 years. But now in many childrens it is seen at the age of 8-9 years. And it is called early puberty. In 90./. Of cases doctors are unable to find out the adject reason of early puberty in girls.

Some of the common reasons that we see are, hormonal disorders, any type of a infection in body, problem in brain and if a child is suffering from tumor also can get early puberty.

This are some of the reasons but also with this our lifestyle also plays a very important role in it. In this generation we see that childrens mostly avoid eating homemade food and prefer to eat outdoor food. Junk food, pizza, burgers, street food or road side food.

This food are really affecting childrens in many ways. Because this food contain spices which are unhealthy for our regular use. But this food are made so teasty that we get addicted to it. And prefer to eat it again and again.

When we do so this affects our hormones in the body. This also a very big reason of early puberty in childrens. Next is exercise or games. Todays youth love to play games in computers and cell phones instead of outdoor games.

Due to this they gain much fat which results into unhealthy body and it effects our hormones. It is very important that parents must take care of daily routine of their childrens.

Guide them for their best. Do not give them personal mobile phones at early age. Dont allow them for eating more junk food and try to give them healthy and simple home made food.

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