Free Fire OB38 Early Patch Notes: New character, pet, Weapon Leaderboard, and more

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This time Gerena is coming with the much awaited version of the game, named Free Fire OB38 . This version is going to be launched on January 11, 2023. In this latest launch Gerena has tried to follow the trends which are popular amongst the players.

Free Fire OB38

Before the patch release, developers have launched an animated talk show, which is the main highlight of the version. This show is named as Kelly Show.

Developers have brought various quality-of-life improvements and added several new features. Players are familiar with both BR and Cs modes, and this feature will provide them a wider and clearer scenario of what is coming next in this new launch. 

Free Fire OB38 Early Patch Notes

Kelly feature has something new for the survivors to break down all the changes in patch update. And the Weapon Leaderboard is the highlight of the newest addition to the game, which is even more exciting and challenging. 

Weapon Leaderboard the new competition

The Weapon Leaderboard is dependent on the region. Whenever a player wins a ranked game, it automatically gains combat points for the guns to use in the match. The combat point will earn you a grand display on the top of the board. You can also check your ranks on the board which can be visible to the other players too. There you can see the dreamy weapons and exciting guns available. You can claim your shiny seasonal reward- The Golden MAC10.

Locked arsenal in BR mode- 

New challenges come with new confusions. Players might get a little bit distracted while collecting the objects. Hence, Gerena has added locked arsenals on every map. 

Players will have to explore the map to search the keys to access high level loot early on.


1.Vehicle adjustments – In the previous updates, developers noticed that vehicles were not performing well, so they have adjusted the vehicle. That’s why they have increased their max HP, worked on its mobility on all terrain and turns of the vehicles, to prevent the tecticle exploits, they have nerfed the damages.

2.Weapon adjustment – Weapon balance is the key feature in the upcoming Free Fire OB38 update. The following firearms will receive the buff:

  • AUG
  • MAC10
  • M60
  • Parafal
  • MAC10
  • Shield Gun
  • Trogon Shotgun
  • G36- Assault

3.In-game communication –There are some series of Quality of life improvements. They have revoked and expanded the in-game comms systems. Anytime during a game, players may drag the comms key onto their surroundings. And most on screen interactive buttons. To send teammates a quick message for another teammate action such as help-buys or more clearly displayed post-match. friend recommendations have also been adjusted accordingly so that they prioritise friendly players. 

4.One step all-encompassing load out system – Players might be facing the problem while changing battle preparations because having to visit a character page and the pet page separately to hand-select and then replacing each skill is quite a struggle and there is a stand-alone load out page on top of that! This system is here to tackle the problem. For this patch, players are granted 2 present pages, where they can edit and save their preferred skill sets and load outs. And if you’re unsure, you can always refer to the recommendations page for popular picks, a new feature that doubles your skill pool. 

What’s new ?

1.Battlecards will be displayed on the loading screen – There is a feature added in Battle Royale Mode, in which they have extended the battle card. From now players will be able to display their customised battle states and play styles during loading the screen in the match. 

2.New clash squad season and rewards – Developers will release a new golden skin in this new update of Free Fire season 17 of clash squad. Players can collect the reward by attaining the Gold 3 rank further. This time individuals will get the MAC10 skin.

3.CS Improvement and BR items –The clash squad mode will receive a new update of moving safe zone that allows for more dynamic gameplay.

The new BR mode equipment are Jammer and Loot Radar.

dynamic duos unlock the privilege to share permanent character skills with each other. Time to make some friends and save new bucks!

4.Return of the Big Head mode – Finally, the big heads are back and they are better than ever! Eliminating an enemy grants a buff as well as increases the head side. In other words you gain better states at the expense of becoming an easier target. And the cherry on top- thanks to the revival points. Players can return to battle promptly after being eliminated. 

5.Character changes – Kenta and Skyler are reworked to improve the overall experience. Santino and Kactus pet will also be available. This time all the skill slots will be available for all types of players. Individuals can also experience the features the same way.

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