What are piles & Why It Happened ?

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Piles are the veins in the intestine, when they gets bigger in size it is called piles. Piles is a very common problem among males but also it can take place in females also. Main reason of happening piles is if you put much pressure while going to the toilet or when the pressure increases in large intestine. Piles are very common problem in todays generation.

Piles can happen if your parents had piles, if you are overweight, if you are pregnent and also if fibre is less in your diet. It is very important to stay fit and eat healthy. Jung food can harm you in many different ways.
There are two types of treatment for piles. One is opration and second is natural treatment. To cure from the pile include more fibre to your diet plan.

Drinking more water can help you a lot to run out from the piles. Add atlist 25-30 grms of green leafy vegetables. Do yoga and different types of exercises like walking. If youll walk more than the movements will increase in anal veins and it will help you to decrease the pain. Stay healthy specially keep your body weight Maintained.

What are the symptoms of piles?
There are two types of piles internal and external piles. Internal piles cannot be seen whereas external pile could be seen and also we can feel it.

When you have a external piles. There will be pain in anal and also blood flow from the anal. This flow of blood can occur at any time and in some people it can be seen only when they do potty. Also youll face itching near and around the anal area. Youll get dangerous pain while going for potty and anal will be increased in the size.

When a person is suffering from internal piles it doesnt pain. But blood flow takes place when goes for potty. When the piles gets bigger in size it comes out when put pressure to throw out weast material but after this process piles automatically goes inside.

Only flow of blood doesnt makes sure weather it is really a piles. It can be also anal/rectum infection. It is very important to make ot sure if it is really a piles or not.

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