Why oral cancer is so common in India?

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Oral cancer is a cancer that causes harm to our inner part of the mouth. Chicks, tongue, lips, gulf, whichever cavity effects this parts of the mouth is considered to be oral cancer. Oral cancer is very common in India.

People causing oral cancer among them 80./. Patients are harmed by eating paan msalas, tambaku, alcohol, segrets etc. And other reason for causing oral cancer is due to the virus called HPV. If we notice we get to see that if people stop eating this uneccessary products than they can be protected from oral cancer.

All of us know that alcohol and paan masalas are harmful tp our health but still people take it. And due to which such cancers and infections take place. Among all oral cancer patients only 20./. Are due to some other reason. But 80./.

People get this cancer due to use of alcohol, tambaku and paan msalas. We see that it is clearly return on the packings that this product will cause you cancer but still people pay fir it high amount of prices and buy it.

In India the number of this cancer is high. It is important to ban such products which create such serious health problems among people. Until and unless goverment doesnt ban it totally people will go on taking it and they take their own lives.

Oral cancer patient needs more money to attend the opration. Also it is very dangerous because doctor cuts the inner part of the mouth where infection has caused. After the opration patient is unable to eat, drink and talk for many days.

So avoid eating such unwanted things and take care of your lives.This products are just a weaste. This are not neccessary to stay healthy and alive. Your regular food is necessary to stay alive instead of this masalas and alcohols.

Your regular meals will keep you healthy and away from any type of disease whereas this products are going to kill you. This are harmful products. Now your childrens are watching you doing so and one day in future they will also do the same thing so avoid this products and be safe and healthy.

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