Why breast cancer happens ?

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Breast cancer is a very common cancer among females. In india every year upto 1.5 lakh females suffer from breast cancer and 70000 lost their life every year due to breast cancer.

How cancer happens?
In the breast a hard ball starts forming which converts into the cancer. There two types of balls one is of milk which formed due to the milk present in the breast and the other one is cancers ball. Till the time we dont get chekup we cant say whether its a cancer ball or normal ball.

The females who has much fat and has much obesity in these case the chances of getting breast cancer increases also womans who has high manopoge age.

There are three types of tests memography, FNAC test and breast examination.
There are three types of treatment for breast cancer
*Radiation theraphy

Breast cancer mostly takes place after the pregnancy when a lady is feeding a baby milk with the breast because the milk present in the breast should come out totally if it remains behind it can cause a serious health problem and if this thing happens again and again then the chances of cancer increases.

What to include in diet plan to avoid breast cancer.
Your diet should be blanced and healthy diet. In your regular diet healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins should be present in good quantity. Veg and nonveg both foods are eqully neccessary. Avoid unhealthy and processed food as much as possible. Green leafy vegetables should be added more to your diet plan and anti oxident rich diet is must.

Include nuts, aevakado, sunflower seed and pumkin seed for healthy fat. Have protein in good quantity to reduce musscle lose. Unhealth food, fried food and spicy food should be avoided strictly. Tamrind and cinmon are very good to take in use. These points are much neccessary for your proper health. So do follow this.

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