What care must be taken by diabities patient?

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Many people in India are suffering from diabities with growing age. Males and females bot are equally seen in this problem. As all diseases has their own treatments, symptoms, food items to eat and avoid. We will also talk about this basic topics.

When and why diabities takes place?
Diabities takes place when level of sugar increases in your blood. This can happen due to the eating of unhealthy food or lifestyle that we are following in our day todays life. Whatever we eat or drink accept water it converts into glucose as it goes into the body.

Due to this glucose made in body gives energy to our internal cells. Mostly this energy gets used up, but if our cells are unable to take in use of this energy than the level of sugar increases in our body and it results into diabities.

What to eat, when suffering from diabities?
Mostly it is seen that people advises diabitic patient to not to eat fruits atall. But this is totally wrong. Because there are some fruits which diabitic patient must take regularly. All fruits contain carbohydrate, vutamin and fibre. But the level of this is different in all the fruits.

Fruits containing more vitamin and fibre are considered good for person suffering from diabities. Apple, orange, green apple, papaya are the fruits which you can take on the daily basis. But it is very neccessary that you dont make juice of this fruits and take this in natural form.

It is very important that you take sleep of atlist 7-8 hours. Do not take stress atall. Because as the level of your stress increases with that the level of sugar also increases in your body. Avoid going for morning walk with empty stomach. If you do so the level of sugar may decrease and this is really dangerous for diabitic patient.

It is important that your sugar level must remain blanced. Dont keep gap of more than 3 hours between your meals. This can imblance the sugar level of your body. Take care that sugar level remains normal. It shouldnt go up/down also.

Avoid food containing more starch and carbohydrates. Do not take more milk in your diet. Also do less intake of wheat. Banana, mango, carrot, potato should be avoided totally. Instead of milk you can take lassi or curd.

On the place of wheat you can take ragi, jawar or bajra. Take more salads in your meals. Tomato and cucumber are best because they contain more fibre.

Diabities patient usually gets much pain in head. This pain increases if they fail to take the medicine which is given to take on the daily basis. Diabitic patient is unable to work without having breakfast. Breakfast is most important meal for them and if they fail to do so. Theyll be unable to work and they’ll suffer from headech.

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