Why acne, pimples, scars occurs ?

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Pimples are a very big problem among girls specially its not that only girls get pimples but also males can get pimples. Pimples usually occur in 15-30 years of age group. Pimples are very common in puberty period.

Mostly pimples occur due to the oily skin this oil produced by our skin and pimples form on the face. Pimples can occur on face, neck or on the upper part of the chest and shoulders.This pimples are of different types many times childrens also suffer from this small small pimples in summer these is due to the sweating and hot temperature.

Females are the favourates of pimples these is because of puberty the main reason and there several other reasons too. The makeup used by the females is in high quantity and its poor quality can also cause pimples and can dmage your skin too.

Many of them doesnt remove makeup properly which can again cause pimples. Males and females bot wants their skin perfact and glowing for this we use costly skincare products and many other home remedies. But its important how you use the products even if you
use it many tines in a day it can effect you in bad ways.

How to protect skin from pimples?
*wash face atlist twice in a day.
*wipe it with soft cloth

  • do not scrub your skin with any type of cloth.
    *do not use oily makeup products.
    *avoid hair oil also as much as you can
  • remove makeup before you go to sleep
  • do not use any type of makeup of or face wash. Which doesnt suits your skin.

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