When & Why Prostate Cancer Happens ?

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Prostate cancer is a cancer takes place in males only. Prostate cancer is a cancer prostate glands. This glands are present in males under the urinal bladder. This glands small ball shaped and are called prostate glands.

As the age increases of a person with that the size of the glands also increases. This glands are the parts of male genetal system. Increasing size of glands with the age is very common thing. There can be the two reasons for increase in the size of the glands.

First is benign prostatic hypertrophy and second prostatic cancer. BPH is a non cancers condition in surgical/medical treatment can be given. Whereas prostatic cancer is a dangerous condition of cancer. Because once if prostatic cancer happens it can spread in the other organs of the body.

Prostatic cancer takes place after the age of 50. Below 40 chances of getting prostatic cancer is 0./. As the age of 50 crosses chances increases of getting prostate cancer but the average is 65. This cancer is of old age people.

Symptoms of prostatic cancer.

Symptoms of prostatic cancer are similar to urine infection. When a person is suffering from proatatic cancer he may face problems in urine. Stopage in urine is very common. Person will feel going for urine again and again.

The stream of urine also doesnt remains normal. Person may get pain in bones, back pain, pain in hips. This are some of the common symptoms but no symptom among all is a specific symptom. Weather a person is really suffering from prostatic cancer or not can be assured only after screening.

Screening is a test that can detect any cancer in very few time period.Its very important to do PSA after the age of 50. PSA is blood test. If the value of PSA increases than you it makes sure that you have prostate cancer.

Number of prostate cancer in india is higher than in Asia and Africa. But it less in comparison to America and Europe. It is very important that you take treatment immediately. Because once if tjis cancer starts spreading in the other organs it is difficult to control.

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