What are Psoriasis ? & Why it Occur ?

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Psoriasis is a genetic and autoimmune condition. In this perticular type of a condition small small red marks starts occuring on the body. When this marks starts taking place lot of itching and discomfort also occurs.

Due to the itching we scrub the skin and this results into fall of skin. But this skin cells are so small that we are unable to see them. In this whole process of falling of skin 30-35 days are required.

But when this process becomes faster, skin is unable to fall down and it starts gathering on our body. This gathering of skin is nothing else but it our own dead skin cells, which has gathered on the body. Psoriasis mostly takes place in the scalp, elbows, knees etc.

But once when it starts occuring on the one part of the body it spreads on the other parts of the body too. In some people psoriasis can take place only on the scalp throughout the life and it is called scalp psoriasis. It can also occur on the hands or legs and it is called palmar or plantar psoriasis.

Psoriasis can occur due to many reasons but mostly it is found in those areas of the body, where more dirt is present. On hips, down part of the stomach, thys etc. It can also occur due to the reaction of some medicines. Due to the stress.

In childrens it is seen that when they get any type of a infection, they may get psoriasis. Still theres no treatment made for the psoriasis, which can cure psoriasis totally. There are some medicines/creams by which we can controll it. In winters psoriasis increases a lot, whereas in summer it almost disappears.

In winters you need to take more care of your health if you have psoriasis. In winters keep your skin moisturised. Do not keep your skin dry for long time. Take well balanced meal. Avoid smoking, alcohol etc. To avoid psoriasis. Also loose your weight if you are overweight.

Person suffering from psoriasis must keep his/her clothes, towels, blankets seprate. Because it can spread from one person to another. If you get much itching than dont scrub it directly with your hand use soft clothe to scrub.

If you do scrub with your hand and than if you touch that hand to your any other body part than it can occur on that perticular body part. Always wash your hand before eating. Use creams containing steroid, coal tar, cellisilic acid to avoid itching and discomfort occuring due to the psoriasis.

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