Why heart attack comes ?

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Heart attack means the supply of blood stops suddenly due to the blood clotts occurs in the vessle which supply blood from the artery to the heart. Due to this blockage of blood the supply blood gets slow down and the musscles of the heart doesnt gets proper blood as per the need so as this happens for little longer the musscles of the heart get dmaged and a person geta heart attack.

Reasons of heart attack?
The 5 main reason for heart attack are:
*Diabities as the sugar level increases the arteries gets damaged and a person gets heart attack.
*High BP also relates to heart attack as the level BP goes up from 140-90 heart attack takes place.
*Use of smoking and alchol or any type of tabacco can make high chances of heart attack.
*High chlestrol also causes heart attack. Sometimes we eat much oily food,junk food or packed food, meat due which we can get heart attack.
*Genetic factor means if in a family somebody has already got heart attack than the other member of a familys chances of getting heart attack increases.
Symtems of heart attack
Getting seviere pain in chest.
Getting pain in the middle of the chest.
Burning in the chest.
Feeling heavyness.
Breathing problem.
Feeling like vomite.

How to get cure with the heart attack?
If a person has got a heart attack he/she should be taken to the hospital immediately because it seen than among all the heart attack patients 30./. Patients die before they reach hospital. This is because a person doesnt realise for while whether its a heart attack or what is happening.

Once a person gets heart attack than the blood clott which has stopped the blood circulation that clott has to be removed so that the normal circulation can start again. So first doctor does this with the an injection doctor injects and removes the blood clott or second option they has is to do it with a surgery.

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