What is HIV-AIDS?

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HIV Is a type of a virus. Full form of HIV is human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS is a disease that causes due to the HIV. Full form of AIDS is aquired immunodeficiency syndrome. In this disease persons immune system gets weaker.

This disease is very dangerous and most of the deaths takes place in africa due to HIV-AIDS. It is a disease that cannot be cured easily and still theres no medicine available which can cure it by the roots.

There are some of the treatments by which we can control it. In this disease as the level of disease increases with that the level.of white blood cells starts decreasing.

It is a disease which can spread from one person to another. Mainly it spreads through the sex. Male to male sex, female to male or oral sex. It can also transmite from one person to another by blood, organ transplant, semen, breast milk, saliva, if doctor uses same needle or syringe, saving blade etc. This are the common ways by which HIV-AIDS Can transmite from one person to another.

People has many myths in their mind but that are not all true. This disease doesnt spread if you shake hand with the infected person, share drinks or food, bath in same pool, if you kiss the one close to mouth or through the insects/mosquitoes.

It is a disease in which we are able to see very few and common symptoms like headech, bodyache, ulcer, fever with rashes, enlarges lymphnorde etc. But this are very common symptoms which we can get if we have any other disease also. So it is important that you visit doctor to assure it. It is a dangerous disease because a person can die if suffering from HIV-AIDS.

If you are suffering from such an disease than make sure that you take following preventions to control it from spreading it other people. Mainly use condom when you attempt sex. Because it is the most common way by which this disease is transmitted to other people.

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Safe sex can prevent you from this disease. Education in schools is most important to decrease the number of HIV-AIDS patient. It is very important that parents and teachers both spread the awarness of sex education among growing childrens.

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