Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?: Rumors Explored

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Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?: Well the question is a little twinkling but this is the most frequently asked question nowadays, after the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 series. Several rumors have been adhering recently but what is the reality behind all the rumors let’s explore them in the further article. Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

This question arises when people notice a group of  children playing in the background in the recently released trailer of GTA 6 series. The scene of 55 seconds clearly showed the childrens playing in the background whereas the main focus was on adult NPC’s.

Which clearly defines that it has only given a push to the rumors and nothing is yet confirmed officially. But there are high chances of presenting childrens in the series in safer areas. Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

What do the experts say about childrens playing GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto  is one of the most popular and demanding online game developed by the Rockstar Games. The popularity of the game attraacts the young minds towards the gameplay experience. Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

Already thousands of young childrens are involved in the online gaming world, which is creating bad effects on thor little minds.  As the game involves mature content such as sex, drugs, fights and more. Parents are totally aginst to such games. But creativity of game and enhanced & engaging gameplay pulls their mind & heart towards them.  

Many popular and experienced doctors said that this is not what your children’s should be involved into. After the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer the topic has been in the conversation. Parents are much worried about their children’s about playing video games. And GTA is one of the most played and trending content nowadays. Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

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GTA 6 might feature children, but not as NPCs

The day GTA 6 trailer released people started creating rumors saying the GTA 6 series will conduct childrens in the gameplay as NPC’s. These happen because the 55 seconds trailer showed childrens playing in the background where in the main focus was adult NPC’s. These pictures made believe that the GTA 6 will have children’s in the series.

But if we go to the past statement of Rockstar Games they said they will never add children’s as an focused NPC’s in the game. To familiarize with all the rumors let’s move to the Red redemption Dead 2, where they have childrens in the game but they follow some strict criterias. Gamers cannot kill or harm childrens in any situation.

What should parents do?

Some of the most tackling issue creating points in the game are mature gaming content. One of the famous psychologist said that the impact of violent & mature content makes struggle children’s in distinguishing between reality & fantasy, which will directly cause a clear impact on the emotional development of the child. Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

India is country where in parents and childrens are never in a friend zone. In a simple language they never try to keep an open conversation to each other. Which actually cause a big problems. Parents guidance is one of the most necessary and role playing part in childs life. Parents must have a open conversation with their childrens on gaming experience. Will GTA 6 have childrens in the series?

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