GTA 6 trailer released: Release Date, Features, Surprises and More

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GTA 6 trailer released: The release of GTA 6 is buzzing fans with excitement, players are not able to believe either its a dream or realistic. Well this is something for what players were waiting for years back. Nobody had any guesses that GTA 6 will be between us in the coming years. This is totally surprising for each and everyone. GTA 6 trailer released

GTA 6 trailer released

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When was the GTA 6 trailer released?

Well the GTA 6 trailer was released on 5th of december in early morning. The actual time of release was in the evening of 5th december but it was live in early morning. It is said that the trailer was leaked before its release so rockstar games had to release the trailer before the decided timing.

The release of the trailer took fans crazy and the trailer broke all the records on youtube and it crossed 100 million views on the same day of the release. And it became the fastest growing video on youtube. GTA 6 trailer released

What does the GTA 6 trailer reveal?

There’s enough to write about what the GTA 6 trailer reveals. So my dear friends and all the GTA enthusiasts hold up your chairs tightly. The information we are going to disclose will take you to the heights of excitement for sure.  GTA 6 trailer released

GTA 6 is totally different from all the past series, don’t make a mistake of comparing it with GTA 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or any of. GTA 6 will surely gain your all attention and no player will be able to ignore it. Each and every graphic is so vibrant and lucrative that players are going mad at its first looks.

  1. Graphics in the backgrounds look 100% realistic.
  2. There array of new cars collection
  3. Once again you’ll be diving into the vice city 
  4. In the history of gaming journey you’ll see a female character in GTA 6 named LUCIA.
  5. Second character is male named JASON
  6. There’s a crocodile added in the series as in the past there was a tiger.
  7. Rockstar has worked hard on the graphics of the GTA 6
  8. GTA 5 could earn 10 million dollars in 12 years of journey whereas GTA 6 will do this in a year.
  9. GTA 5 was second most selling whereas the GTA 6 will surely change the records
  10. The map of GTA 6 is the largest map till now.
  11. All missions will be held in vice city
  12. GTA 6 is shooted in US Miami
  13. The series also contains a social media platform such as tik tok and people are using it a lot.

What do GTA 6 promise?

The GTA 6 trailer has already captivated the hearts of gamers. Besides, the rockstar games promise to enhance the gameplay experience and make the gaming environment engaging as ever. GTA 6 trailer released

GTA 6 trailer released

The GTA 6 trailer has created unlimited excitement and craze amongst the players. The trailer does not reveal much about the game but it showcases the highlights to guess the exclusive ideas. It has destroyed the record made by GTA 5 by crossing 100 million views in 24 hours. Players are waiting eagerly to dive deeper from release date to the storylines.  GTA 6 trailer released

When is the release date of GTA 6?

The release date of GTA 6 is not yet confirmed but the estimated idea is given by revealing the year which is in 2025. Players are eager to know more about GTA 6 but no one has any idea of the month and date of the release. GTA 6 trailer released

The game will be released on Xbox Series and playstation 5. Let’s wait to know what surprises the rockstar games have for us. GTA 6 trailer released

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What are some new features in GTA 6?

Well no inner details are yet revealed by the rockstar but fans hope that this many features can be included in the GTA 6.

  • Expanded co-op options
  • Voice chat
  • Better world with bigger size
  • Options to customize
  • Vehicle customization
  • Expensive characters
  • Real looking NPC’s

Will there be a PC version of the game?

Yet rockstar has only confirmed the playstation 5 and Xbox series to release on the game. Rockstar has not confirmed to release it on PC but there are high chances of releasing it on PC because there’s a high demand of the public to give access on PC too. GTA 6 trailer released

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