Can Free Fire players play Sigma Battle Royale in January 2023 ?

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Can Free Fire players play Sigma Battle Royale : The Free Fire game has become immensely popular amongst the game lovers. Players are curious to upgrade the game with the new rewards and cosmetics. Keeping this enthusiasm in mind, developers come up with new versions, updates and new games.

Some upgrades get more than expected love and craziness from the players. After being inspired by the Free Fire game, developers created another one named Sigma Battle Royale, which became famous in November 2022. Which was offered by a new Battle Royale

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Why did Sigma Battle Royale get popular?

– This version had numerous similarities with the Garena-backed survival shooter. These similarities were the main reason for the sudden fame of the game. That’s why it got another title calledFree Fire Lite.”

-This was quite compatible with low-end devices too, which was another reason for its popularity.

-It was an easily accessible game for various users because the download size of this game was 280 mb. 

Can Free Fire players play this game in January 2023 ?

No. Unfortunately this game is not available for now. Because developers took the server down, hence it became unplayable. This game is still under maintenance as of January 2023. which means one can not play this and the players have to wait for the updates. 

This information took place when developers indicated the message for players which said-

“The server is closed. Thank you for being a part of this test and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future.”

And there is no clarification that says when the game is going to be playable. 


What’s that ? When this word appears, all the excitement suddenly disappears at that very moment. Players who have recently downloaded the Sigma Battle Royale game, will be unable to play because, when they try to download it will show an ERROR and ‘download failed retry’ on the screen.

                                               Garena and Sigma 

Though Sigma is similar to Gerena baked survival but still it’s not their product. Players link this with Garena’s BR game but it is backed by Studio Arm Private Limited. Both have some similarities which are- 

  • Both have the same screen graphics.
  • Both have the same title theme.
  • Both have the same gameplay, weapons, maps and other aspects.

That’s why Sigma was known as the ‘Free Fire / Free Fire max’ clone.

Why is Sigma Battle Royale not playable?

Now you are close to your answer. These similarities were the strongest reason for the game’s downfall. Play Store removed it reportedly for being a replica of Free Fire and because of the violation of Google’s developer program policy, it couldn’t survive more than 48 hours and was taken down from the playstore.

Can Free Fire players play Sigma Battle Royale in January 2023 ?

Alert – When something gets originally famous then lots of duplicates follow the way. Same in this case. However, when Google removed the title, 50 thousand users were affected. After its takedown there were many unauthorised possibilities to download the Sigma game on Google. Don’t follow these kinds of websites and don’t click on the download app. Stay away from spam. If you download from an unverified source or random website you will end up installing cache and malicious files.

So instead of searching Sigma Battle Royale, go for easily available games such as Free Fire. 

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