Top 10 Best Gun in Free Fire according to official stats (MAX version)

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Top 10 Best Gun in Free Fire according to official stats (MAX version) : Free is an online battle royale game played on the PC. in this game you must have good activated guns, weapons and bundles. But the most important part to win the game is the gun, because the type of gun you are holding will decide how dramastically you are playing. Best Gun in Free Fire

Best Gun in Free Fire
Best Gun in Free Fire

There are many types of in-game items and guns in the free fire. When a player is new to the game it can be difficult to find a correct gun. But finding the correct gun will provide you many advantages such as great speed, movement and accuracy. When you are finding a correct gun it’s very much important to note what is the  range and magazine size of  the gun. Because these factors of the gun can be the game changer for you. Best Gun in Free Fire is one this best always super,

Today we are going to know about the top best guns in the free fire. The guns which are capable of balancing stats and great handlings in the game. As we know garena has a wide range of guns but we are going to pick the best among all.

Top 10 Best guns to use In Free Fire


MP40 : also called as SMG submachine Gun. The damage HP of the gun is 48 and the fire rate of the gun is 83. It is very useful in lethal combat situations. It is a gun that any player can use without any doubt. As it is easy to use and has peeks at a time to defeat the enemies. The recoil rate of the gun is lesser than any other gun in the battle royale game.

AWM Best Guns in Free Fire

AWM : is said to be the best gun for spinning . AWM comes with the range of 91, 90 accuracy and 90 damage. It gives great accuracy and high damage in the game. This feature of the gun makes it the best gun as compared to all the others. If you pair the AWM with an MP40 it will be a great opportunity for you to defeat the enemy jumping from the behind. AWM will take the enemy aside within 2-3 shots as the damage rate of AWM is also 150. Best Gun in Free Fire

M1014 Best Guns in Free Fire

M1014 it is the gun that is very easily available for any player immediately after the landing. The reason for being the best shotgun is because players can defeat the gunfights without thinking twice upon the features of the M1014. It’s the best gun for range to a decent fire rate and lethal damage at close. 

M60 Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot

Best Gun in Free Fire

M60- it has the largest magazine size of 60 and M60 is a light machine gun.  The largest magazine size is very helpful for beginners in free fire to have a good aim to defeat the enemy. The damage rate of the gun is 56, range 65 and fire rate is 56. M60 is greatly helpful when you reload the gun during combat. 

M1887 (Top 10 Best guns to use In Free Fire)

M1887-the gun comes with a 100 damage rate and 28 armor penetration. These features are must when the game is at the tip of last moments. The best part of the gun that you can point at the player wearing armor in the game just within the 2 shot enemy will be at the last breath. Best Gun in Free Fire .

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M14 Best Gun in Free Fire for Headshot

M14-  the gun has the range of 77, 77 damage and 52 movement speed. 77 range is more than any other assault rifle.  The magazine size of the M14 is less for an assault rifle, which is 15.  The recoil rate of gun less which is an advance point for the players.  It is the only gun you can use for any location close, mid and long range combat. Best Gun in Free Fire .

AK47 – Best Guns in Free Fire

AK47- it is the best gun because it comes with high recoil and damage rates. It’s considered to be the best one for them, who are pros in controlling vertical recoil.

M79 – Best Gun in Free Fire

M79- it is the gun that is most difficult to find on the battlefield. But if you get it there’s no chance to die. It will definitely be a game changer in the game. It is the most brutal gun of choice, the garena free fire. 


M4A1- this is the best choice for beginners to practice the game well. As this gun is just made for the noobs\new gamers in the free fire. As the stats of the gun are perfectly balanced and make sure that beginners can get it very easily while landing on the battle royale field. So they can relive into the field for longer.


FAMAS- it comes with a good accuracy and great fire rate. The best part of FAMAS is that it shots 3 bullets at a time. This feature of the gun makes it necessary for the players to defeat the opponent quickly in no time. 

Conclusion Top 10 Best gun to use In Free Fire

Having a good featured gun/weapon decides whether we win or lose the game. Garena has hundreds of different guns, weapons and bundles. But we’ll have to choose the best one for as. There are different features oriented in each one of the guns. So we must know when to use which one. For the beginners, they must focus on the quick findings. These will let you know the benefits and  disadvantages of different guns.  

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