5 Best Accessories in Free Fire

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5 Best Accessories in Free Fire: A warm welcome to all my free fire gamers and fellow survivors. Garena is one of the most popular battle royale games played in various servers of the world. Free fire has various different parts in the game for which players search on the social media platforms, one of them is the best accessories in free fire. In this article will discuss the top 5 accessories in garena free fire online game. 

5 best accessories in free fire

In any adventure game accessories are one of the most crucial parts of the game in terms of victory and defeat.in the fast paced battlegrounds of free fire, carrying the correct form of accessories can definitely result in the game changing positions. 

5 best accessories in free fire

Players often try different types of accessories available in the game, to select the best one. After researching and trying various accessories available in the garena shop, we have brought to you the 5 best accessories in free fire.

In any adventure  game accessories are indispensable tools, from enhancing your survival chances to upgrading the combat effectiveness, so in the free fire. We will disclose to you 5 best accessories in free fire with all the necessary informative points required to survive in the match till the end of game.

5 best accessories in free fire

 1. Extended Magazine

:  in comparison to all the other guns it provides you the best advantage, that is, you don’t have to reload it. And the best time to use it in the match is when the opponent is reloading the guns frequently. Extended magazine is a game changer as it has the capacity to increase your weapons magazine capability. It also allows players to fire more rounds before it is reloaded. By most of the pro players it is mainly useful to use during intense firefights.

extended magazine

Extended magazine helps you to increase the size of a clip of your gun, considered to be the most powerful element to use against multiple enemies. The best part of the magazine is it can be attached to different guns, SMG’s, LMG’s and assault rifles. 5 best accessories in free fire

 2. Armor Repair Kit

Armor repair kit plays a very important role in the free fire accessories. As it is one of the best accessories to use when it comes to surviving in the free fire battlefield. Armor repair kit helps you in regenerating the durability of an armor. 

armor repair kit

Repair kit is made to fix the in-game items of free fire battle royale game, mainly it functions on fixing up the vest and helmets of players in the ongoing matches. One of the best parts of a repair kit is, it can be found very easily on the battle grounds and mostly in the corners of the houses. When you’re carrying a repair kit you don’t have to carry/search for another vest and helmets, as you can easily repair them with repair kits. This will save your time and help you to survive in the match. 5 best accessories in free fire

Advantages of repair kit

  • It’s easy to find on the battlegrounds
  • Repair kit can be carried easily from one place to another as it is lightweight
  • Has a capacity to deal with helmet and vest at a time
  • Takes less time in repairing the tools

Disadvantages of armor repair kit

  • It regrates to enhance the helmet and vest 
  • You cannot repair helmet and vest with signal repair kit at least you need two or more
  • It can only fix the helmet and vest till it’s able to, if it’s broken enough you’ll fail to fix it with a kit..

 3. 4x Scope

4x scope is said to be the favorite one for players as it helps them to shoot the enemies who are far away from them. To make it work more effectively in targeting the long distanced enemies  you can pair up the 4x scope with assault rifles.

4x scope

The only reason for players to choose 4x scope is its optimal balance between magnification and field view.  4x scope is considered to be the perfect one for mid to low range combat, as it helps you to aim the enemies’ focus upon the precise shots. 5 best accessories in free fire

4. Gloo Wall

Gloo wall provides you an intense safety feature by giving you a four sided wall protection to survive from the enemies and guns and creates a chance for you to reposition yourself and heal up. 

gloo wall

5 best accessories in free fire,To utilize the opportunity of covering yourself from four sides  you must have at least 3 grenades and it’s useful if you are carrying more than   Mostly players caught by the fire shots while passing through the open areas, in such cases it will definitely survive you from getting shot. 

 5. Backpack:

it is the most important/crucial part of the match. To carry your ammunition, healing items, and grenades you’ll need a good backpack that can expand your storage capability. Without a good storage backpack you’ll fail to carry many elements with you and further you face issues and may be you cannot survive in the for longer. 


One of the good storage backpack in free fire is a brand new brassy backpack. Which is getting popular nowadays between the free fire players and are trying hard to claim the one. 5 best accessories in free fire

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conclusion 5 best accessories in free fire.

Choosing the correct accessories will surely upgrade the level of your gameplay and definitely of your free fire ID too.  5 best accessories in free fire, Best characterized accessories will enhance the skills and strategies in terms of determination if your success in the match. Selecting your in game accessories wisely will adapt your tactics to the harmful situations. 

The 5 best accessories in free fire are as mentioned above, we have provided to you all the important portions of a particular accessory. Accordingly you just need to adapt them and use them wisely as per the needs. Using the accessories at the write place in ongoing matches plays an important role so just be accurate in terms of using the in game elements. These silly points will drag you towards the victory and a silly mistake can pull towards the defeat. 5 best accessories in free fire

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