When will the fortnite LEGO come out?: Release date, Features, Cost of sets, Classes & More.

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When will the fortnite LEGO come out: The world famous fortnite & construction toys are all set to collaborate with LEGO. according to the sources it is going to create a groundbreaking gaming experience for the fortnite community. The collaboration is going to showcase all its power & innovations in the gaming world & construction toys. When will the Fortnite LEGO come out?

When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

The leaks of collaboration between fortnite and LEGO were surrounded for the last few days by some famous youtube creators and other social media influencers. When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

Fortnite LEGO – Release Date

The fornite and LEGO both have a wide range of fan following all over the world and the new collaboration has made fans crazy and full of buzzing experiences. Fans are waiting eagerly for the release of the collaboration, and the release date of the collaboration is none other than the 7th of december 2023, yes! Which is today itself. When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

LEGO Open World Survival

The LEGO has totally created an epic excitement between the gamers of Fortnite by spreading great news of collaboration. The main motive of the collaboration is new open world game mode. Here the environment will be fully filled with the LEGO field world. Where players will get to experience buildings, adversaries etc. constructed with the LEGO bricks. When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

What do the Fortnite LEGO series promise?

The Fortnite lego series promise to provide the players with a colorful & imaginative world of construction toys. The world of fortnite will give unique characters, well developed locations, exclusive weapons, characters, structures, vehicles, components that can be customized and more. When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

Features of Fortnite LEGO

  • Energy system
  • Health system
  • Camps to store health & energy
  • Vendors to buy in game items
  • Mining for ores & props
  • Make crafting by collected items
  • Possessing own pets
  • Encountering enemies on the map

Classes of Fortnite LEGO

  • Dreamer
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer
  • Homesteader

Movement options in Fortnite LEGO

  • Swimming
  • Sliding
  • Flying
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Gliding
  • falling

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How much will fortnite LEGO sets cost?

Well the actual cost of the Fortnite LEGO sets is not yet announced officially but the rumors around confirms that the cost may vary around $ 52.99. But make sure that it is just a placeholder price and not the official price pool of fortnite LEGO sets. When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

When can i pre order the Fortnite LEGO sets?

Again the actual date of release is not revealed by the official social media handles of fortnite but some sources promise that it will be available for pre-orders in the year 2024.  When will the fortnite LEGO come out?

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