How To Get Cheap Diamonds In Free Fire Max: Weekly And Monthly Membership Details

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As we know, there are some benefits to buying a free monthly membership, so I will let you know how many free diamonds will be available in your account after purchasing it. After purchasing a free monthly India membership, you will instantly receive 100 free fire diamonds How To Get Cheap Diamonds In Free Fire Max Details .

A weekly or monthly subscription will bring you diamonds at very affordable prices compared to refills. Instead of buying free diamonds through a reload, you can opt for a weekly or monthly subscription to save money.

The process is very similar to the monthly subscription plan, as part of the weekly subscription, players can get 450 diamonds by spending INR 159 + additional prizes worth 425 diamonds. With Membership 2.0 cards, players will receive higher rewards, 60 diamonds per day, and more. Players can purchase membership cards weekly and monthly to unlock new items, receive updated rewards, and more. In addition, if both subscriptions are purchased by players together, they may receive Super VIP benefits.

If a user has a weekly and a monthly subscription active at the same time, he can request an additional 15 diamonds per day and a gift Evo Gun Token Box. When mobile players pay, they will receive 100 diamonds immediately and 50 diamonds per day until the end of the week.

In total, players will receive 2600 diamonds (500 diamonds immediately, and 70 diamonds per day until the end of the month). Players must purchase additional diamonds by top-up and receive up to 500 additional diamonds for free during the event.

Balances are provided through daily registration (players earn 70 diamonds per day for a month). Players are rewarded with 3550 Diamonds with the above perks. If you reload 1000 diamonds, you will receive 1000 additional diamonds as a bonus for free. When you first deposit to GamesKharido.in, you can get 100% bonus diamonds for free.

Users paying with Paytm for the first time are eligible for a 100% bonus. In addition, survivors receive twice as many diamonds of equal value. The offer must be used by all players who wish to purchase other in-game diamond items, such as vouchers for royal games.

The offer forces players to shop at in-game stores, which rarely offer any promotions or discounts. Many players cannot afford to purchase characters due to financial problems. They are also expensive to buy because they need diamonds and that requires real money.

The Free Fire Membership and the Free Weekly Fire Membership are the best way to get diamonds for a low price, but most players may not want to spend their hard-earned money on buying such things.

If you don’t want to invest or put in your hard-earned money to get free diamonds in Free Fire, you need to use Get-To-Paid sites like Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay, PlayerZon, Easy Premi, etc. You can check out our list of the best apps to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

Free Fire often offers multiple events within Free Fire, offering players extra diamonds or exclusive discounts on purchases. Subscribe to Battle Royale every week to get rewards, diamonds, packs and more. The Fire Max free monthly subscription is priced at Rs 799, where players can be rewarded with 2,600 diamonds and 3,550 diamonds, as well as a monthly member badge, discount perk, 5x second chance, 60 universal ep badges, and a gift pack of weapon skins.

Weekly and monthly subscriptions offer plenty of quick and daily rewards, discounted gadgets as part of Free Fireplace MAX, and several premium perks. Subscription discount store with free daily rewards and three discounted items.

There are two types of memberships in the game: the first is a weekly membership and the second is a monthly membership. How To Get Cheap Diamonds In Free Fire Max One of the best options for everyone is to use the “membership system”. The new subscription system provides players with more value than the previous system.

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If you are thinking about a subscription hack, please stop thinking about it. As we know, many well-known YouTube users offer free monthly subscription or weekly subscription through giveaway, so in this giveaway you must participate, and after participation, some tasks will be assigned to you, and if you complete the action, monthly subscription will be granted​​ for free in your account.

How To Get Cheap Diamonds In Free Fire Max

Buy a Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Diamond Weekly Pass to upgrade your subscription, as well as purchase in-game items such as weapon skins, clothing, parachutes, crates, and more. The free weekly pass will cost you Rs 159 and you can get 60 diamonds per day for seven days.

The free weekly Fire subscription allows players to receive items worth 875 diamonds (450 diamonds directly, 425 diamonds in rewards). In order to encourage players to buy more, Garena has just released this Free Fire 2.0 subscription patch that allows players to get 2600 diamonds at a huge discount. The weekly subscription at INR 159 per week allows users to earn 440% of the value of 875 diamonds.

Offering a benefit of 616%, the monthly subscription gives users the opportunity to earn accessories worth 6150 diamonds for INR 799. Additional perks change from time to time and can range from price discounts and additional diamonds to exclusive in-game collectibles such as prizes along with purchased diamonds.

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You can participate in Luck Royale and Diamond Spin to get various unique character skins, weapon skins, weapon upgrades, and even cosmetic items. Players should consider that these membership/membership methods are useful if they want diamonds.

To verify your eligibility for additional Diamonds, please send the relevant Player ID to a MooGold Supporter.

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