Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download : Key Features & Rewards

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Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download : The most awaited OB41 update has been released recently for Android and ios devices. OB41 has been released with great features, innovation, bug fixes, and an enhanced gaming experience. Before releasing the update for the public it was tested by the developers and players together by launching it for a few hours earlier than its actual time release.

Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

It has been released to all the servers worldwide and the update was welcomed with amazing feedback and happiness among the FF lovers.
Today in this article we are going to look upon the top features of the latest update of OB41 and the most wanted OB41 update download link for Android and ios device. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download Overview
Game Name Garena Free Fire
Game Type Free Multiplayer Action Game
Update Date 10 August , 2023
Academic Year 2022-23
APK Size 70 MB
MAX Version 2.100.1
Developer’s Name Garena Free Fire
Free Fire MAX APK Click Here
Free Fire MAX OBB Click Here

Find here

Free fire OB 41 Update apk Download : Where to download from

The garena free fire OB41 update has been released into the Android and ios devices. Players can take the advantage of OB41 by tapping at the links provided below. Given below links will directly take you to the page, which will allow you to enjoy the latest features of OB41. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

For Android users: Click Here

For ios users: Click Here

Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download Size

The size of the update is between 200 and 250 megabytes, however, this number may vary by device. However, you must have approximately 300MB of free storage space on your device to perform a clean installation Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download.

How To Download Free Fire OB41 Update Apk Download? 

  • First go to the digital storefront of your device.
  • Second you have to write free fire in the search bar.
  • On your third step you’ll reach at the official game page
  • Lastly you’ll have to tap on the install option to download the OB41 update.

5 Best Features in free fire OB41 update apk download

The wait for this update was from long back between the players free fire. Which is now here, carrying different features along to upgrade the gaming experience of all the free fire players. In the year 2023 OB41 is the 4 most demanding updates released by the developers of the garena free fire. OB410has brought several changes to free fire rankings maps, characters, latest modes etc. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

The OB41 update is going to enhance the popularity and gaming experience of free fire max for sure. Players can easily install the latest version from the digital stores of Android and IOS devices. The interesting and game changing methods/features introduced in OB41 are nano vest, cyber airdrop., defense arsenal, zombie hunt mode and characters. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download.

Nano vest – Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

Nano vest is one the standard vest, as the nano has its own HP count and you can recharge it by the nano charger. The HP count will appear in the blue line located above your HP bar.

It is one of the features that is totally unbelievable for the players of garena. As the nano vest will survive you from the enemy’s attack till you end up your HP counts. And once recharged it will start restoring the HP counts simultaneously. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download .

Cyber airdrops – Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

Cyber airdrops contains beneficial advantages but this will only appear to you in the third, fourth and fifth rounds of CS matches. Appearance of cyber airdrops will provide you better loots and also particular amount of cyber points. This cyber points will allow you to buy the powerful and needed ingame items.

There are some criterias to unlock the airdrops. Once you capture the airdrops it will appear as transparent in the beginning rounds and it very important that you hold them for atlust 10-12 seconds minimum and not less than that. When you’ll capture the airdrops in third and fourth round it will reward with a single cyber points but when you’ll do this same in the fifth round it will get two points as rewards for capturing the airdrops. Point to note hear is, you cannot use the airdrops as an cover because being the transparent they’ll fail to stop the bullets. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download .

Defense Arsenal

Gree fire has gradually upgraded the BR modes by releasing in match quests. But the twist is that not all the matches have activated it. The matches those have already activated will have no need of arsenal key to unlock their loot houses whereas, the other will need it specifically. And as a task you’ll have to stay under a particular range of your loot house to open it. Opening of loot house will be easier for teammates captured under the range. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download .

Zombie hunt mode

With the help of zombie hunt mode you can maintain the level between easy, normal and hard. The old zombie hunt mode has been renovated for the latest update of OB41. By including new maps, bosses, double evil mode and revival tokens. All these are the changes featured in the old zombie hunt mode to update in the OB41.

Revival tokens are used when the player/teammates are knocked down.
The zombie hunt will give the vast different experiences in comparison to the old one as the new one carries some of the great features. In these you’ll get to experience double evil by facing two bosses at a time in the gameplay. Secondly the zombie hunt mode will be able to provide you with extra talent points to upgrade your abilities. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download .


The OB41 update has released a new character and polished some of the old characters too. The developers have reworked upon the Antonio which will provide you with 40 shield points in the starting phase of the gameplay. Secondly the character Shani has been changed by providing you with 50 shield, when her skill is being activated but within the area of 10 meters only.

Last but not least here comes the newest first character updated in the free fire OB41 update. suzy, a bounty assassin, these characters will mark your enemy and put a bounty upon them. Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download.

Free Fire OB41 Key Features 

To Upgrade the Feature of latest version of Free Fire OB41 update apk download , developers have launched various enjoyable features in the gameplay Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download .

  • Free to download
  • Stream free
  • No registration required
  • The best collection of movies and shows
  • An easy and unbreakable connection
  • High-quality performance
  • The interface is easy to use
  • No advertising
  • A lot more

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Q1 – When Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download Come ?

Ans – August 10, 2023

Q2 – what is Free Fire OB41 Update APK Download

Ans – Garena releases Free Fire OB41 Update Patch Notes which give us an overview of upcoming content in the game.

Q3 – Free Fire OB41 Update Patch Notes: CLASH SQUAD ?

Ans – Cyber Airdrops will appear in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of Clash Squad matches.

Q4 – How do I update my Free Fire OB41?

Ans – 1. Visit the official Free Fire website or trusted sources for the OB41 update APK.
2. Below is the precise Google Play Store link for the Free Fire OB41 update:
3. Download the OB41 APK file to your mobile device.
4. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your device settings.

Q5 – When the OB 41 update will come?

Ans – The OB41 Update is set to release on August 10, 2023

Q6 – What are the changes in OB41?

Ans – Latest innovation, improvement and the bug fixes along with new sounds and pictures that will more entrain the players.

Q7 – Free fire ob41 update date in india download ?

Ans – FREE FIRE MAX OB41 Update arrived on 10th August, at 9:30 (IST) for players in India. 

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