BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023: free UC, skins, emotes & outfits

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BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023: Like any other battle royale game BGMI has also started launching redeem codes for their BGMI community. Redeem codes provide free access to the in-game items of BGMI. Redeem codes are launched by the Dev’s and are valid for only 12-14 hours. Redeem codes have only 500 rewards, only the first 500 players will be able to claim the free rewards through the redemption process. BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023

BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023

BGMI redeem codes provide all types of freebies & goodies for extremely free of cost. If you are redeeming the codes regularly there’s no need to spend a single rupee for any in game currency. Redeem codes are released by various popular websites regularly. You need to stay in touch with such sites to grab the best & first. 

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BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023

Through these redeem codes you’ll be able to claim free UC, skins, emotes, outfits and more surprising exclusive rewards. All the rewards has specific category of codes so you can easily select the one you need the most and try to redeem the most needed one first. Make sure you redeem the codes as soon as after its release because the number of rewards on a perticular codes are limited. BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023

Free UC

  • ASD678UIO9
  • BVGRT432ER
  • HGJ887UI9O
  • BVH657YRT4
  • KJH888UIO0
  • ASD32GFH66
  • MNX321ZXX3
  • BVG7890O0O
  • BVH765YTU8
  • LKHJ890OIU
  • MNJH890OO9L


  • 768UYI990O
  • POILKJ867Y
  • 345RTEY67N
  • VCG657YRT4
  • 234RETNVB0
  • BVG645RET32
  • FDGS321QWE
  • VCB7584NVB
  • ASD33EDC4Z


  • XC546BG5TY
  • BVH789UJY7
  • BVG6543RET
  • GFH67TRY89
  • NVB778UYT8
  • MBN879UTY6
  • GFH43EWQ23


  • GFH7564TER5
  • JHK990OILK
  • BVGRE43W32
  • BVG789UTY5
  • JHK09O0LIL
  • BVH789IUJY
  • BVH85674YT

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Steps to Redeem BGMI Redeem Codes for 2 December 2023

  1. On your device open google
  2. Search for the official redemption site
  3. Link it with the selected social media condential
  4. Enter the codes in box on redemption site
  5. Click OK button to complete the process
  6. Your free rewards will be added to your BGMI account in working hours

Given above are the steps to redeem the codes successfully, make sure that you don’t miss out any step as advised in the above section. By chance if you don’t gat your rewards successfully even after redeeming the codes as per the advice. It can be due to the network issues or any other error updates on the redemption site. Mostly these issue arrise due to the mistake while entering the codes on redemption site, you may enter the codes wrongly or miss out any word from the codes.

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