Why kidney stone takes place ?

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Kidney stone has become very common problem among all. Not only elders but nowadays it is seen among the childrens also in high numbers which is a bit disturbing but its fact. Why kidney stone happens? Well the main big reason for this is drinking less water, non-vegeterians, eating much jung food or chocolates.

This stone can be at four places kidney, ureter, urethra or urinary bladder. When a person has kidney stone they will get a very high pain this exists for 20-60 minutes but this pain us so high that you cant sit with it and you immediately takes tablet or a vaccacine to reduce the pain and when this pain occurs a person can also get fever or vomiting too and this is commonly seen in every kidney stone patients.

As we go to the docotor firstly they give just normal painculars and tells to drink water as much as you can and lemon juice and orange juice because if the size of stone is less then 5mm or 5 mm there are posibilities of stone to get out with the urine. But if in 4 weeks it has passed away thn its good but if four weeks have passed and still the stone is there than may be docotor advise you for the operation.

How to avoid kidney stone?
In today buzy life we have no time for ourselves and our family. To avoid kidney stone drink more water because if youll drink much water youll get more urine and with this process whatever the weaste material is there in your kidney it will filter out with the urine. Secondly take use of lemons in your daily life.

If you are non-vegeterian than try to take non-veg food only twice in a day and not more than 230 grams. For the childrens it is neccessary for every parents to take care of them how water does your child drinks in a day. How much junk food does they have in a week. In a week try to take on 1 liter of coldrink and not more than that.

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