What is Typhoid Fever ? & How it is Preated

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Typhoid fever is totally different from other fevers like chickenguinia, malaria, dengue etc. Because in this diseases we can find out the disease with symptoms or lab investigation. Whereas in typhoid if you do lab testing the report will be negative for 1st weak of the typhoid caused.

It could be assured only after a weak from the day the patient has got infected by typhoid. Typhoid fever causes due to the bacterias called salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphy.

It is a food born disease. Mostly this disease is found among the people who are eating outside. And it spreads through the urine of the infected person. As it is a food born disease it will only seen in the people who are mostly eating outside for most of the time.

Symptoms of typhoid fever
This is a fever in which symptoms occur step by step. In the 1st weak patient will suffer from the high fever. Fever will be upto 103-104 degrees. As the time passes with that the level of fever also keeps on increasing.

High fever is very common symptom seen in typhoid patient. Headech is also very common when patient is suffering from fever. Some people may also get diarrhea and constipation. Person will get body pain most probably this pain occurs in hands and legs.

With this patient will not get hunger. Patient will feel like eating nothing also they may get pain stomach. This are bery common symptoms by which we can recognise that the person is suffering from typhoid fever.

Diet plan for typhoid patient.
For typhoid patient it is very neccessary that they eat simple, healthy, home made food. Means light food and food which is easy to digest. Always take care that you clean vegetables and fruits before eating.

Wash your hands before going for your meal. Take meals at short intervals this will help you in digestion. Avoid unhealthy, spicy and fast food totally. It is very important that your body remains hydrated. So do take lemon water, coconut water, fruit Juices, butter milk etc.

This are the best forms of liquid to keep your body hydrated. Milk, curd, eggs etc. are considered best for typhoid patient. Take more amount of protein in your diet this will help you in recovering faster from typhoid fever.

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