What is Pneumonia ? Why Pneumonia Takes Place ?

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Pneumonia is a lung disease/infection. It is also called pneumonia fever. We can say that it comes in group of dengue, typhoid, malaria etc. As we all have two lungs. This disease can effect either one/ both the lungs. It is very common disease in India.

In pneumonia symptoms that occur are very relevant to the symptoms of typhoid and dengue. Person suffers from high fever. They get dry/ wet cough continuously. Water comes from nose and with fever sweating also occurs. Not only sweating patient gets severe chills and with that sweating also takes place.

Which makes a person very uncomfertable. They also face problem in breathing, gets pain in the chest and also the oxygen level of patient gets decreased. This are the common symptoms that are seen in the pneumonia patient.

Pneumonia can cause due to the common cold or flu also. If person has got any type of infection than also pneumonia can take place. Its can also occur during hospitalisation.

If we eat more junk food or road side food. In this food there many kitanos present in it so it effects our inner organs very badly. Due to which we may have to suffer from the different types of diseases.

Pneumonia is not only of a singal type. It varies on the different criterias. There are four types of pneumonias. Aspiration pneumonia, community acquired pneumonia, ventilator acquired pneumonia and hospital acquired pneumonia.

We cannot assure the type of pneumonia by which patient is suffering until we dignose it. Sometimes we try to find out by the symptoms that we see in patient. But this is totally wrong. Till the time doctor does not give us the reports we cannot make sure what disease are we suffering from.

To diagnose the pneumonia doctor does different tests. They does blood test, x-ray, CT Scan, urine test etc. All this tests are very important to know the disease in detail.

When person is suffering from pneumonia, their immunity system gets weaker. And at this point of time it is important that patient takes good diet. They must take vitamins, protein and potassium in good amount. Some of important food items for pneumonia patient are green leafy vegetables, carrot, cucumber, cabbage etc.

In fruits they must take strawberry and jamuns, this will strengthen your immunity system. Then fruit juices are also equally important. Avoid eating oily food, brockely, oranges and grapes. This food items must be avoided stricktly.

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