What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

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It is a type of a disease in which persons kidney gets damaged. This process takes long time. Kidney gets damaged slowly slowly. It is very dangerous disease. If are unable to take proper treatment at correct period of time than we may have to take treatments like kidney transplant, rinal transplant etc. It is very important that we control it as soon as possible. Because once if this disease gets increased it can cause you many problems.

All human beings have 2 kidney but in some people it is just one. This can be natural/ may be they have got an opration or they may have donated it. As all body organs has their own functions to work upon. Kidney also has its own work, which no other organ can perform.

Kidney purifys our body, removes out toxincs present in our body like uria and drugs. Kidney keeps the electrons blanced in body like sodium and potassium. It also makes the enzime which is neccessary to maintain persons blood pressure. It also removes extra amount of water and salt present in the body.

Reasons for causing chronic kidney disease
Most common reason for getting kidney damaged is diabities. Person whose sugar level always remains high are more patient of chronic kidney disease. And second are people who eat more medicines like painculars.

In this both cases patients have to take medicines on regular basis which totally effects the kidney. Due to which kidney disease takes place. Hypertension is always very big reason for getting kidney damaged. High level of B.P is considered to be dangerous for kidney.

Chronic kidney disease is also seen in the people who are suffering from kidney stone. Mostly when person suffers from stone the stone gets stucked in between the urine pipe and urine stops. Due to which pressure occurs on the kidney and kidney gets damaged.

Symptoms of chronic kidney disease.
At the early stage of chronic kidney disease there are almost no symptoms found. So we are unaware of it and like this our kidney goes on damaging. When this disease gets increasing at that time we get some of few symptoms like anemia, our skin remains dried, we are unable to breath, we also face problems while going for urine, our bones gets weaker and in some people blood pressure goes high.

This are the common symptoms by which we can recognise the chronic kidney disease. But to diagnose it totally we have to go to the doctor. Doctor does different tests to find out the disease like blood test, urine test, ultrasound etc. All this tests are performed for different things. By which we are able to find out the actual disease present in the body.

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