How does anemia cause?

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Anemia takes place due to the decrease of iron in the body. Less iron in body results into decrease of hemoglobin and as hemoglobin supplys oxygen from kidneys to the blood. So the decrease of hemoglobin results into less oxygen in the body.

This process is called anemia. It is not a disease but can be the reason for causing many other serious diseases. Anemia is very commonly seen in females. In India almost 90./. Of females are suffering from anemia.

In compare to males and childrens females are mostly attracted by the anemia. It is also seen in females doing breast feeding, childrens with growing age and person suffering from any type of a disease.
Anemia are of different types aplastic anemia, hemoletic anemia, pernesium anemia etc.

Each type of anemia has a different treatment. Main and very common reason of causing anemia is our lifestyle and food that we eat in our daily routine. Another reason for anemia is any type of disease through which a patient is suffering from. Some of the diseases among them are like kidney cancer, AIDS-HIV, cancer, tuberculosis, liver problem, suffering from thyroid, any medicine sideffect etc.

Common symptoms of anemia.
When person suffers from anemia many symptoms takes palce. Persons eyes, nails and skin gets yellowish, pain occurs in the chest, weakness and tiredness also takes palce.

When a person wakes up from the sleep they face darkness infront of the eyes. Headech and breathing problem is also very common at the stage of anemia. Heartbeat gets irregular or faster and hands & legs gets cold.

How to cure anemia.
Anemia means loss of blood in the body and increase and decrease of blood in body depends on the food items that we eat. It is very important that we eat healthy food to stay healthy. Anemia can be cured by eating healthy food.

It is easy to cure anemia in males in compare to person with the growing age. Person suffering from anemia must take green vegetables and leafy vegetables to their diet. Palak, maithi, cabbage, brokeli are most effective vegetables for anemia patient.

Fruits also play very important role to increase the blood in the body. Dry fruits are also equally important like almonds, kismis, khajur, anaar etc. Honey is also considered to be best for anemia patient. Because it helps in increasing the blood in the body.

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